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At Hanf Extracts, we are a CBD online store that is dedicated to creating the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oil for you to try and enjoy. We know that trying CBD at first can be intimidating, which is why we provide CBD oil prices that are half the cost of some other CBD wholesalers and provide easy to use CBD products that come in a variety of choices and flavors. All and all, if you are looking to start trying out CBD oil regularly in your life, we are the company you can trust. Shop our online store today and get started on your CBD journey!

Reliable & Trustworthy CBD Oil in Lancaster PA

With the help of our local hemp farmers, we can offer a wide variety of CBD oil in Lancaster PA that fit national and local tastes. Our top selling CBD products include our CBD tinctures, which are available in 500, 1000, and 1500mg and several unique flavors. Simply place a dose of CBD oil under your tongue when you get up and approximately an hour before you go to bed and see if it can make a difference in your anxiety, pain management, or sleepless nights. We also supply a variety of CBD topicals. These include face serum, muscle gels, hand & body lotion, and massage oil. If you are looking for CBD oil products for your pets, we offer that as well. We have flavored pet tinctures that can potentially help your pet with pain, arthritis, anxiety, or muscle spasms. Finally, we offer CBD edible or gel capsules. These are an alternative way to consume CBD that many prefer over the topicals and tinctures. Check out our online CBD online store today and contact us for more information and pricing!

Our CBD Extraction Process

For our hemp and CBD extraction process, we use no-pressure, cold, sub-zero Kosher alcohol extraction. Cold sub-zero extraction processes like the one we use at Hanf Extracts, helps to maintain the purity and integrity of the hemp plant and doesn’t strip it of any plant components. This means we can create full-spectrum CBD that has a higher potency while actually creating less oil. All our hemp plants are home-grown in Lancaster and the surrounding PA counties. We have a real relationship with these farmers, which means we know exactly where your CBD starts and where it finishes. If you are looking for a CBD online store that has a proven CBD extraction process that is safe and values their local community, look no further than Hanf Extracts.

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First-Rate Hemp Products Grown in Lancaster County

Hanf Extracts also offers hemp products in our shop. These include hemp seed lotion, hemp salve, and face serum. These products may potentially help with relieving severe eczema, psoriasis, and other skin issues. Hemp seed lotion has been used by many to try to combat wrinkles and overall skin health. If you are experiencing skin issues, as we mentioned above, you may want to try out some of our renowned hemp products today! We hope they can help you!

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As you can see, our CBD online store supplies many groundbreaking CBD and hemp products. These include CBD tinctures, topicals, edibles, hemp salve, and seed lotion. With the work of hardworking Lancaster farmers behind our product, we know that the CBD and hemp products we are supplying to you come from people we trust. All our products are available to be shipped nationwide. Check out our affordable line of CBD oil for sale in Lancaster PA!