Online Hemp Wholesalers in Lancaster County

In addition to supplying great CBD products, Hanf Extracts is also a team of online hemp wholesalers serving Lancaster County. We create Amish-made hemp oil that can potentially help with improving your skin, relieving inflammation from pain, heart and brain health, and more. At our online store, you can choose from different hemp seed lotions that are easy to use and work for all skin types. These include our Hemp Body Seed Lotion and our Hanf Cooling Full Spectrum Muscle & Joint Cream. Just like with our CBD, all the Amish-made hemp oil we sell here comes from plants that are grown and extracted right here in Lancaster County.  If you are interested in trying out products from our hemp wholesalers, get started shopping today!

Amish Made Hemp Oil Shipped Right To Your Door

If you are looking for natural ways to potentially help you, the Amish-made hemp oil we sell could be your solution!  Because we have a personal relationship with all our hemp farmers in Lancaster and Chester County, you can trust that all our products are properly grown and extracted. Reach out to our team today to learn more!

Easy To Use Hemp Seed Lotion

One of the best sellers in our shop is our hemp seed lotion, and for a good reason. This product offers a premier full-spectrum hemp seed and body lotion that comes from the plants grown by trusted farmers that we hand select. Simply apply this product to the desired area and see if it can help you. We encourage our clients to play around with how often and how much they apply our hemp seed lotion to get the ultimate results.

We also offer a cooling full-spectrum muscle and joint cream that is made of hemp seed oil. This cream can help to potentially soothe areas on your muscles and joints that are inflamed or strained. Finally, for those hoping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, try our Hanf Face Serum. All our hemp seed lotions can be shipped straight to your door across the United States. Shop with our online hemp wholesalers today to see if these products work for you!

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Get Your Products From Our Hemp Wholesalers Online Today!

Hanf Extracts is one of the only hemp wholesalers in Lancaster County that offers hemp products at an affordable price. Save money on your Amish-made hemp oil, and also rest easy knowing that your products have been grown and extracted from trusted farmers when you partner with us. So what are you waiting for? Shop our online hemp products today and see if they make a difference in your life!

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