Safe & Effective CBD Pet Tinctures For Sale

Are you hoping to potentially help alleviate your dog’s arthritis, anxiety, or aches and pains? Then the CBD pet tinctures from Hanf Extracts could help! Our online CBD store is happy to offer products from our Lancaster County brand. This includes flavored CBD oil for dogs and cats. Because all our CBD and hemp is grown and harvested right here in Lancaster County, you can rely on us to sell safe and effective CBD pet products. Shop online today!


CBD Pet Products Grown & Extracted in Lancaster County

CBD pet products have grown in popularity in recent years because they have proven to be potentially effective in helping furry friends with everything from anxiety to arthritis. These natural hemp-based CBD pet tinctures are flavored with chicken for your pet’s enjoyment. All our CBD pet products can be shipped nationwide and be included in our subscription box services. Sign up to get this great CBD pet tincture delivered monthly!

Chicken-Flavored CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

Have you been looking for natural ways to potentially help your cat or dog with their anxiety, arthritis, sore muscles, and more? Then the flavored CBD oil for dogs offered here at Hanf Extracts could help. Simply take a tincture full of the flavored CBD and place it on your pet’s tongue daily. The flavored CBD oil for dogs and cats comes in 250 mg strength. Feel free to adjust the amount given as needed to best suit your pet.

Learn more about what CBD oil is and how we make ours unique to our Lancaster clients today!

Can I Give My Dog CBD Oil?

Many of our clients in Lancaster County often ask us, can I give my dog CBD oil? Our answer is a resounding yes! The CBD pet tinctures and products we offer in our shop are safe for dogs and cats to consume. Because we extract and grow all our own hemp and CBD here in Lancaster County, you can trust us to create products that are safe for humans and furry friends to enjoy. All our flavored CBD oil for dogs can be used to potentially help with sore muscles, anxiety, insomnia, stress, and more. Hanf Extracts is happy to offer peace of mind to our clients across the United States as they confidently give CBD oil to their dogs.

Shop Our CBD Pet Tinctures Online Today!

As you can see, there are many potential benefits to CBD pet tinctures for dogs and cats. We are happy to offer our clients trusted CBD pet products that can help potentially relieve issues like stress and soreness. We also offer easy-to-consume CBD for humans to enjoy in the form of CBD tinctures, topicals, and edibles. Shop our selection of flavored CBD oil for dogs today and get it shipped straight to your door!