Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Edibles For Sale in Lancaster County

When shopping for CBD oil edibles, it can be hard to find a company that is selling CBD products extracted in Lancaster County. At Hanf Extracts, we grow and extract all our own CBD, so we know exactly what is going into each and every product we sell. Our Amish farmers are constantly improving their methods and making our CBD more potent and effective for our consumers. Not to mention, our CBD edibles are a fraction of our competitors’ prices. Enjoy the potential natural benefits of CBD when you try the CBD gel capsules, tinctures, topicals, and more offered at Hanf Extracts. Shop online today!


Easy To Use CBD Gel Capsules

If you have been looking for something that can potentially help you with everything from pain, insomnia, skin issues, and anxiety, consider a CBD edible from our Lancaster based company! The CBD gel capsules we sell here at Hanf Extracts come in 30 mg of full-spectrum CBD. This product can be shipped nationwide and delivered monthly as part of our CBD subscription box service. CBD gel capsules can be taken by placing a capsule on your tongue and then swallowing with a glass of water. We suggest starting with 1 CBD oil edible a day and then adjusting based on your results.

CBD Edibles for Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain, & More

One of the reasons we got into the CBD business was to create CBD edibles for anxiety. We are passionate about providing a holistic and earth-grown way to potentially help alleviate your anxiety problems. Let Hanf Extracts change your experience with anxiety!  Try our CBD oil edibles for anxiety daily and see if you notice a difference.

Shop Our CBD Edibles For Sale Online Today!

At Hanf Extracts, we are committed to providing CBD oil edibles to our clients. All our CBD gel capsules are grown and harvested throughout Lancaster and Chester Counties.  How you choose to consume CBD is a personal preference, which is why we are happy to offer CBD edibles, along with tinctures and topicals for our clients to enjoy. If you are looking for CBD edibles for anxiety, pain, insomnia, or more, you have come to the right place. Shop the CBD oil edibles we have for sale above!